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Wrangler Men's Rugged Oxford Shoe

The Wrangler men's Rugged oxford shoes are unequaled for lovers who itch for comfortable and stylish shoes that will make a statement, these shoes are from the memory foam material and provide a comfortable experience with a casual look and feel. They are also contact gold-tone black or brown and are available in 17, 5 or 21. We admire these shoes with any outfit and with our Wrangler men's Rugged oxford shoes you'll be a sensational way for a stylish and comfortable day.

Wrangler Men's Memory Foam Oxford Shoe

The size 9, 5 is a comfortable and stylish memory foam oxford shoe. The oxford style is enhanced by the Wrangler mens high quality and sturdiness, the shoes are made from high quality materials, such as the memory foam Rugged oxford shoes, which makes them durable and long lasting. The blue temperature of these shoes is excellent for a summer day, the Wrangler Rugged wedge oxfords are splendid for everyday wear. With a tough, yet comfortable feel, these shoes are first-rate for any style, a reaching neckband ensures a comfortable fit, and 6-inch, mylar-wrapped shoes provide durable power in a soft, comfortable feel. Made in the usa, this Rugged oxford memory foam Shoe size 8. 5 is top for your shoe-based home improvement project, with a tough, durable look finish, this rug is exquisite for any room in your home. The size 7, 5 Rugged oxford casual shoes charcoal is a top-rated substitute for suitors that want a durable and sturdy shoe. The shoes are outstanding for admirers who are wanting for a shoes to take on any walkabout, these shoes are made with a tough and stylish look in mind.